Understanding is not the same as understanding each other.

On the ships that connected the seas of the world that discovered itself after the 1500s, mediators were even seen as mystical figures, with innate qualities and non-contagious talents: those who knew how to let two people communicate, but also two cultures, represented a huge advantage for the ship they belonged to. The advantage was obviously economic, putting two different cultures in contact was the right oil for all negotiations.

And today? Today, mediation often saves lives, and improves those already saved.

The Linguistic Mediator today is responsible for promoting understanding and communication between individuals, groups, organizations belonging to his or her own culture and those of the culture of the other countries within his or her remit.

The Linguistic Mediator’s intervention consists of translation activities (written and/or oral), intermediation, and cultural consultancy. Linguistic mediation is a process of communication between two or more parties whose code is not the same. In order to reconcile the parties, it is therefore necessary to have the intervention of an additional subject, called a mediator.

We offer attention, competence, delicacy and seriousness, above all in these contexts:

  • Cultural mediation
  • Mediation in the medical health sector
  • Mediation in the school environment

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