Understanding is not the same as understanding each other.

Translation and its consequences have been at the heart of the cultural and religious history of mankind. Ambiguities, distortions of meaning and changes in meaning have led people to wage war. The reason is sadly simple: if a document needs to be translated, in black and white, it is because it must reach a wider audience than the previous one; if the dissemination of a document is so important, then the responsibility of those who “transport” this writing is equally burdensome.

Yes, this is the right term, the one that the Latins borrowed from sailing: “I translate”, in Latin, literally means “I carry beyond”.

We too transport, with respect and with attention to detail.

In particular, these are the burdens that we can best cope with:

  • translations of manuals
  • certified translations
  • translations of texts related to commercial activities
  • translations of business sites
  • translations of legal documents
  • translations related to social and humanitarian activities

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Don’t you know them? They speak, we speak, these languages!